South Korea – Gimpo Airport Visit no.2

Gimpo, Seoul, South Korea, April 2017: My second visit to Gimpo in an attempt to grab some better photos. This time runway 32R for departures and 32L for arrivals. This is good news for those who have less professional kit as the action is that much closer.

So on with the photos….

Although its a great airport for enthusiasts and photographers the downside is the variety of movements – pretty much the same as last time consisting of all the native operators and just a handful of foreign carriers. The resident general aviation contingent is pretty much a write-off unless on the move and then one will need a big zoom for a decent shot.

From 1130-1200 the sun is directly above and from 1330 favours the opposite side of the airfield. A free shuttle bus between the domestic terminal and the cargo area will cut down on the walking. From there on its a 20 minute walk following the airport wall to a spot near the threshold of runway 32L. No view across the airfield except from near the Korean air maintenance hangar – but be careful if photographing here since it might not be tolerated. I was about to be chased away but quickly made the decision to move on! There are some dirt tracks away from the airport where nice approach shots can be taken without getting bothered by anyone.

Here’s what I photographed from a patch of dirt behind the airport wall….

And from near the maintenance….

The closest metro station is back at the terminal. Walk back to cargo and pick up the free shuttle bus.

Viewing Deck on Google Maps

Free Bus Cargo Stop on Google Maps

Unofficial Viewing Spot near RW 32L on Google Maps


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