South Korea – Gimpo Airport Visit no.2

Gimpo, Seoul, South Korea, April 2017: My second visit to Gimpo in an attempt to grab some better photos. This time runway 32R for departures and 32L for arrivals. This is good news for those who have less professional kit as the action is that much closer.

So on with the photos….

Although its a great airport for enthusiasts and photographers the downside is the variety of movements – pretty much the same as last time consisting of all the native operators and just a handful of foreign carriers. The resident general aviation contingent is pretty much a write-off unless on the move and then one will need a big zoom for a decent shot.

From 1130-1200 the sun is directly above and from 1330 favours the opposite side of the airfield. A free shuttle bus between the domestic terminal and the cargo area will cut down on the walking. From there on its a 20 minute walk following the airport wall to a spot near the threshold of runway 32L. No view across the airfield except from near the Korean air maintenance hangar – but be careful if photographing here since it might not be tolerated. I was about to be chased away but quickly made the decision to move on! There are some dirt tracks away from the airport where nice approach shots can be taken without getting bothered by anyone.

Here’s what I photographed from a patch of dirt behind the airport wall….

And from near the maintenance….

The closest metro station is back at the terminal. Walk back to cargo and pick up the free shuttle bus.

Viewing Deck on Google Maps

Free Bus Cargo Stop on Google Maps

Unofficial Viewing Spot near RW 32L on Google Maps


South Korea – Plane Spotting at Seoul Gimpo Airport

Seoul, South Korea, April 2017: Gimpo was the original airport for Seoul, now serving as the overflow for the main airport at Incheon. There’s a good viewing deck located on the 6th floor of a building attached to KAC and is located 1/2 way between the domestic and international terminals. (Google Map)

here’s a few photo’s to get started….

Korean Air Boeing 787-900

Nepal – Plane Spotting in Pokhara 2017

Pokhara, Nepal, January – March 2017: Well, here I am again wintering in Nepal. My base is the town of Pokhara, central Nepal. The place has a very small domestic airport with a very limited variety of movements, but one can get some nice angles especially when the mountains are visible.

Here is a selection of the best shots taken over 3  months. Buddha Air ATR 42 and Yeti Airlines BAE J41 make up the mainstay of movements interspersed with the odd ultra-light, helicopter and Nepal Air Y12 or Twin Otter. Based is a Tara Air Twin Otter and sometimes a Simrik Air Dornier. The best vantage point is at the end of ruway 02 where the sun is in a good position all day. Alternatively, ask security nicely and they will allow access to the restaurant situated on the terminal roof.


Philippines – Plane Spotting in Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa, Philippines, May 2016. Serving the Holiday island of Palawan, Puerto Princesa Airport (PPS) sees a steady flow of Air Asia Philippines and Cebu Pacific interspersed with the occasional Philippine Airlines. Airbus 320’s rule the skies around here with the odd A321 making an appearance. PPS is home to a section of the Philippine Air Force and as such one can see the odd movement from them – C130’s and a Polish built helicopter mainly. Plane spotting here is easy with all subjects at close quarters with zero security issues but sitting here all day waiting for an exotic plane can be a painfully slow process with often nothing but airbuses all day long. But when there is a different movement then it is going to be something exotic as the gallery of images shows below.

Images taken over a 10 day visit to Palawan May 2016.


Thailand – Bangkok, Plane Spotting

Bangkok, Thailand, April 2016. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is non-stop action and for visitors on foot with a reliance on public transport nearby Lat Krabang is an ideal location to obtain some landing shots. One station before the airport, Lat Krabang is situated on the extended centreline to Bangkoks landing runway and offers very close views of landing aircraft – so close infact that one has to walk away a few meters to get a really good photograph.

On this visit I only had about an hour before sunset but next time I’ll definitely explore this area further to get some better photos. In the meantime here’s a gallery of landing planes taken from the nearby Lat Krabang Station. Google Map.




Thailand – Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok, Thailand, April 2016. 

A very busy international airport, at its busiest until around 2 PM when it all slows down just a little until around 4 PM. The best vantage point for those on foot with a reliance on public transport is from the observation deck on floor 5. Landing and take-off photography from here is difficult with subjects at quite some distance but the good news is that most movements will pass by the viewing deck at some point in the day. Unfortunately glass and reflections can spoil a photo, however there are spots that seem pretty good for shots but be prepared to compete with locals. The terminal is well connected by train with a single journey to and from the city costing around 90p for the 40 minute journey on the city line. Google Map


Here’s a gallery of photos from Suvarnabhumi from 11.30 AM until 4.40 PM all taken from the observation deck.

And here’s what I used to take the above photos, so imagine what you can get with some serious kit!